Met Council Interns Mark End of Summer

Met Council Interns Mark End of Summer


September 2017

“I would say this internship is extraordinarily hands-on, filled with on-theground work. Because the organization is so small, you get to see much of what Met Council does in the short time you are there. Personally, I loved being able to see how community organizing works, and how campaigns are organized and/or managed. Not only that, but I loved being able to participate in such work. I think what I loved most about Met Council was the trust they have in their interns to go out and do things. The general attitude is, if we are asking you to do something, we know you can do it. Interns are put in many situations where they may feel like they have very little knowledge or experience (answering calls on the hotline, for instance), but by doing it, and by having Met Council guide one through it, you learn so much more than if you sat there and passively tried to learn everything. I loved this teaching style, and it made me feel like I learned so much every day.” —Julia Trencher

“It’s a great way to connect to our communities and to offer necessary guidance to people in need.” —Madeleine Jennings

“Met Council provided me with the opportunity to take active steps toward making the world more equitable through housing justice. It gave me the chance to practice grassroots outreach through canvassing, and to answer tenants’ questions about their particular situations through our hotline. It was a great internship, because interns are given the possibility to have a real impact.” —Kidus Girma

“I have so appreciated the emphasis on learning by doing that the Met Council internship offers. Both hotline and canvassing work force you to solve problems, to be able to confront people who may be interested in the tenant movement in New York City, on one hand, or completely uninterested, on the other. I felt like I was able to hone really positive interpersonal skills through this experience, as well as learn a whole lot that I never would have known before about housing policy in the city. I also really appreciated that the internship was very focused on providing localized information for tenants, but Andrea, Nova, and Ava also went out of their way to contextualize the hyper-local issues within a broader historical and politically comprehensive context. That’s a really unique aspect of this experience!” —Ann Sarnak

“Met Council’s summer internship provides a unique opportunity to see what grass-roots organizing looks like, while also gaining a deep familiarity with tenants’ rights in New York City. You get to see how powerful tenants are when they come together to demand the living conditions they deserve, and by working the tenants’ rights hotline, you learn about all of the resources tenants have to defend themselves and live comfortably and affordably. Additionally, this internship gives you a chance to see the inner workings of the city’s laws and programs in housing, and how they exclude low-income tenants from the start to create the problems that Met Council and the housing movement are up against. Overall, this internship gave me an understanding of both housing-rights issues in New York City, and the importance of organizing to achieve justice in any realm where people are being taken advantage of and need to come together to protect their rights.” —Peter Mason