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What is the Metropolitan Council on Housing?

Met Council on Housing members at a protest for stronger rent laws in front of NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office, June, 2011.

The Metropolitan Council on Housing is a membership organization of New York City tenants who are committed to transforming our city into a place where everyone has decent, safe, affordable housing. Our motto is "housing for people, not profit", and we believe that low-, moderate-, and middle-income tenants who are most affected by housing policies must be the driving force behind achieving this reality. We have been at the forefront of the most important struggles for housing justice in New York over the past fifty years, and are working to build a movement that will create permanent solutions to our city's chronic affordable housing crisis.

What does it mean to be a member of Met Council on Housing?

Met Council on Housing has a unique membership structure that sets it apart from many other organizations focused on affordable housing. We're a union of New York City tenants and supporters, committed to enacting systemic changes to our housing policies, and to providing mutual aid to tenants who need help.

Our campaigns to win better tenant protections and to expand and improve our affordable, and our programs for helping individual tenants and tenant associations are fully staffed by members who volunteer their time to assist others. Everyone who is helped by a Met Council on Housing member is encouraged to join our citywide campaigns.

Membeship dues provide the bulk of our financial sustenance.

How can I join?

We encourage people to enroll in our 'sustaining member' program, where dues are billed monthly to your credit card or deducted from your bank account. The amount is up to you:: as little as a few dollars per month, or as much as you can afford.


You can also send your membership dues in by check. Basic membership starts at $35, and $20 for low-income people & seniors, or more if you can.