Met Council On Housing: Board of Directors

Board members of Met Council, Inc - 501(c)(4)

David Brown is a dedicated Met Council volunteer who has helped thousands of tenants on Met Council on Housing's Tenants' Rights Telephone Hotline and Walk-in Tenants' Rights Clinic since 2006. David also serves on the volunteer staff of Tenant/Inquilino.

Graham Ciraulo is a tenant leader in Upper Manhattan who serves on the leadership council of Northern Manhattan is Not for Sale and the board of Altagracia Faith and Justice Works. He is also organizing a tenant association in his rent stabilized building.

Jackie Del Valle is a lifelong tenant organizer who founded CASA (Community Action for Safe Apartments) at New Settlement and went on to work as Director of Organizing at Housing Conservation Coordinators. She is currently the Stabilizing NYC & Development Coordinator at the Urban Justice Center

Andrew Foltz-Morrison values the work of Met Council because tenant organizing gives people a very fundamental way of increasing their power over their own environments, and thus over their lives. He hopes for a world where democratic planning based on human needs decides the use of urban space rather than financial gain. He studied human geography and now works as a data scientist, analyzing and visualizing information to make it more intuitive and accessible.

Jenny Laurie is the former Executive Director at Met Council on Housing and currently serves as the Director at Housing Court Answers.

Jon Lilienthal is a paralegal at the law firm of Collins, Dobkin & Miller LLP. A former tenant leader with the Queens League of United Tenants, Jon continues to stay active on rent regulation and enforcement issues.

Kenny Schaeffer is a housing attorney with The Legal Aid Society and a long-time advocate of home rule (repealing the Rockefeller era Urstadt Law).

Mike McKee was a tenant organizer at Met Council on Housing and the Brooklyn Tenants Union, and in 1974 Michael founded the New York State Tenants & Neighbors Coalition, a statewide membership organization that lobbies and advocates for tenant rights legislation. When serving as executive director of the Peoples Housing Network from 1977 to 1982, Michael founded the School for Organizers. He is currently the treasurer of the Tenants Political Action Committee.

Ana Miledys Rosario is a clinical social worker dedicated to social justice. She is a member of the leadership council of Northern Manhattan is Not for Sale Coalition, a grassroots organization focused on preventing displacement and obtaining real affordable housing for neighborhoods in Northern Manhattan.

Gloria Sukenick is a longtime volunteer with Met Council on Housing, having counseled hundreds of tenants by phone at our office and at our Lower East Side clinic on Tuesday nights. Gloria is well known for her tenant and affordable housing activism in the Chelsea community

Scott Sommer is the New York Area Director of the United Auto Workers, Region 9A, and for over the last 30 years has been the host and producer of Met Council on Housing’s radio show, “Housing Notebook,” which can be heard on Monday nights at 8:00 PM on WBAI 99.5 FM and Scott became a member of the UAW when he worked as a tenant/organizer and paralegal at South Brooklyn Legal Services, and was later promoted to Senior Staff Attorney. Before his career in legal services, Scott was the Executive Director of the Bensonhurst Tenants Council


Board members of Met Council Research & Educational Fund, Inc - 501(c)(3)

Linda Daniels
is a city caseworker who helps disabled tenants, and was formerly a community organizer at the Abyssinian Development Corporation. She first came to Met Council seeking assistance when she was president of her tenant association in Harlem.

Jennifer Flynn is a managing director of Health GAP (Global Access Project). Previously, Jennifer was the co-founder and Executive Director of the New York City Aids Housing Network.

William Gribben is a tenant attorney at the firm Himmelstein, McConnell, Gribben and Donohue, and has represented tenant groups affiliated Met Council on a pro-bono basis.

Judith Pasternak is a director on the national committee of the War Resisters League, former editor of the Nonviolent Activist, and former managing editor of the Guardian Newsweekly.

Rafael Sencion is a staff representative at DC 1707, the community and social agency employees union of the AFL-CIO. He was a lead organizer of Latinos and Latinas for Peace and Justice, and is the secretary general of the Congress for Dominican Rights.

Jon Lilienthal is also a board member of Met Council, Inc. See his bio above.

Kenneth Schaeffer (chair) is also a board member of Met Council, Inc. See his bio above.

Stuart Lawrence (treasurer) is also a board member of Met Council, Inc. See his bio above.

Scott Sommer (vice-chair) is also a board member of Met Council, Inc. See his bio above.